About the Club

The Ohope Chartered Club is a social sports and recreation club for locals and their guests and is a member of the Clubs of New Zealand nationwide network of private members clubs.
Clubs of New Zealand incorporate over 380 clubs such as Workingmens' clubs, R.S.A clubs and Chartered clubs. Club members are able to visit affiliated clubs throughout NZ and Australia. Visiting members of these clubs are welcome. The club is open Monday to Sunday from mid-day until late with the C'Vue restaurantWed - Sun, 7 day Bistro meals and full bar facilities. Some of the services offered by the Ohope Chartered club include:

  • Sporting opportunities and competitions on a regional and national level.

  • Free 8 Ball and Snooker tables.

  • TAB facilities

  • Social Sports Tournaments and Events.

  • Members Cash Draws Thursdays & Fridays 

  • Exclusive Full Member Discounts, Vouchers and the like.
  • Regular live entertainment.

  • Jackpot and gaming machines.

  • Big screen sporting events in an exciting club atmosphere. Live broadcasts with Sky TV.

  • An affordable personal Shuttle Service.

Members of the Ohope Chartered Club enjoy top class facilities conveniently located at the Beach. New members are most welcome. If you are new to Ohope or interested in a personal introduction to the club you can contact the club for membership assistance or application form.
Club members wish to thank our many generous sponsors and the ongoing support of business assosiates. For a full list of sponsors and business directory click here.

Current Members

Thank you for your support of this wonderful community asset. The Ohope chartered club is a major local employer and supporter of the community. By being a member you not only provide yourself with a wonderful social environment for you your family and friends but you also assist other community groups and organisations by providing financial assistance and a venue for clubs that require facilities to meet and run their particular branches of community support sport and recreation.

Members and Guests

These attendance rules apply to those present on the premises for the consumption of liquor.

All persons unless a financial member of the Ohope Chartered Club must be.

  • A guest of a member (also non financial spouse) must be signed in the visitors book and accompanied by that member for the duration of their attendance. The member is totally responsible for their guests and it is expected that should any breach of club policy or protocol occur then the member assosiated with that guest will be held accountable for their actions.
  • Financial members of clubs with an agreed reciprocal visiting arrangement such as those of the CLUBS NZ group may use the club and its facilities. These guests must sign in the guest register along with any person accompaying them and make them self known to the staff on duty. Affiliated members must abide by usual moral conduct and respect the policy and protocols of the Ohope Chartered Club. Any indescretions may result in removal from the club and disclosure of events to their own club.
  • Members guests, Affiliated members, or visitors from outside the district of Whakatane/Ohope may visit the club above a maximum of once per calendar month or 12 times per year. Members are expected to advise senior staff of persons not fulfilling the above descriptions so as action may be taken to ensure the integrity of our financial membership.


$50.00 per person 1st April to 31st March Annually.

$5.00 PER CHILD 10 years to 18 years of Age.

$15 Per Annum Adults 18+ enrolled in Full Time Study. Proof of enrollment must accompany application.

Click here for a members application form. One form per Applicant.

Click Here for Club Constitution and Rules

Click Here for Policy on Junior Membership


September C'Vue Special Chargrilled Lamb Rack


Come and Play. We have some of the latest machines and the old favorites.


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